Monday, February 4, 2013


Two days and counting...

February 19, 2013

Dear Family, 

Well, I guess this is it. Kind of strange to think that less than 48 hours from this moment, I'll be on a plane headed back to the U.S. I have to be honest, the stress of leaving has taken it's toll on me. I'm sick. haha Of all the times to be sick... my body had to pick now. I talked to President on the phone last night, and he asked me to wear gloves and a mask to our missionary goodbye meeting tomorrow...Thanks President. haha He's a jokester. :) He also compared my sickness to throwing up at the end of a long race. Ya... it does somewhat feel like that. BUT- I'm praying really hard that I will be better before I get home to you all. 

News this week- Well, actually I can just tell you that when I get home. :) 

I feel like I need to say something inspirational, considering that this is the last email you will get from me as a missionary. But really, I guess it still doesn't really feel real that this whole experience is about to be over. I keep thinking that I'll wake up tomorrow, and the next day, and the day after that, and do the same thing I've done for the last 19 months. But to everything there is a season, and I guess the sun is setting on this chapter of my life, and will open with a whole new dimension for me. They say that all good things must come to an end, but really- with the eternal eyes that the gospel gives us they don't. It might seem right now that all of this is ending for me, but I know that these experiences and the people I've met here will be a part of my life forever. And the best part is, I don't just have to take them along as a memory- but I know I will see some of them in the near future, and better than that, I'll see them all in the life to come. 

They asked me to write my departing testimony for the news letter this week since I'm going home. I quoted one of my favorite scriptures in James 4:14: "Whereas ye know not what shall be on the morrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away." I think if I were to summarize the extend of my feelings at this moment, it would be with those exact words. It's beyond comprehension to me how quickly this experience came, and is now vanishing faster than I can grasp it. But really, I know that my life will forever be changed because of the things I have learned here- from the people, from my companions, and from the Lord. Before I made the decision to serve a mission, I feared that maybe the experience would be too hard for me- that maybe I wouldn't be able to handle all that would be required. But now, I have gained a greater sense of confidence, because I see that it was possible, and I was able to faithfully accomplish all with the divine assistance I received from the Lord. I am sad that this chapter of my life is ending, but I know that the Lord guided me here and he can continue to guide me where I need to go even after I return home.

Above all things, I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior. I bear witness of the reality of His atoning sacrifice for us. He loves us, and He calls each of us to accept His gift of repentance and eternal life. It doesn't come free. It comes with our commitment and willingness to sacrifice for it. He has asked us to sacrifice all- mind, heart, and soul. But with the promise that if we do, we can receive "ALL that the Father hath." His all, is a lot more than the all we have to sacrifice. It's quite the exchange rate if we are willing to see with eternal eyes. :)  

I'll end with a scripture in Alma that I'm sure you are all familiar with: 

"Yea, I know that I am nothing; as to my strength I am weak; therefore I will not boast of myself, but I will boast of my God, for in his strength I can do all things; yea, behold, many mighty miracles we have wrought in this land, for which we will praise his name forever."- Alma 26:12

The work here isn't done. I feel confident that I am leaving it in the hands of great missionaries who will follow. Today I found out that my 1st greeny, Sister Fox- is going to be training next transfer!!!!!! :) She's going to be so great!! It's my "grandbaby" in the missionfield! How exciting!

Here are some final Pictures in Hungary: 

István and Roxann- István is the one we put on bap. date last week. Roxi wouldn't smile- so I made her. haha 

Goodbye party at the Vaczy's house- one of my favorite families here in Buda 

Andrea and I

One last pic. of my comp. and I in front of parliament 

Okay, I better end soon. I guess I'm struggling bringing this letter to a close since I know it will be my last one... That's alright. It's going to be OK! :) haha I love you all so much! Can't wait to see you this week and hug all your cute faces!!! 

LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!! 

Sok szeretettel,

Johnson Tiffany Nővér

One Final Week in Hungary

February 11, 2012 


How's it going!!? So many exciting things happened this past week! We are meeting with so many new people!-A lot of them from English class. But it feels really good to see that all of our finding efforts are really paying off. Also, we finally put someone on bap. date!!! YAY!!! His name is István. His baptism will be in March, so I won't be able to be here for it. But I am so happy that he finally made the commitment to be baptized. He has been meeting with the missionaries since last June, and was talking for a long time about being baptized this following June, as kind of his one year anniversary since meeting the missionaries. Well, this week we had a Zone Training where we talked about putting people on bap. date. One of the missionaries gave a suggestion to say a kneeling prayer with the investigator there in the program, and ask for the spirit to confirm to them that the date we set is the right one. Well, we decided to try this in out program last week with István. We told him that we really felt he could be ready before June, and told him that if he was willing the Lord would help prepare him for that date. He seemed somewhat hesitant, but then at the end of the program we suggested this kneeling prayer with him. :) We told him to ask the Lord if March 30th, the day we had decided on together, was the right day for him to be baptized. So, we all knelt down on the ground together in the small room of the branch house, and István said a heartfelt prayer. The spirit filled the room. I wasn't sure if he would give an immediate answer after we had gotten up from our knees, so I was preparing to tell him to continue to listen for the answer from the spirit. And just then, he smiled and told us that March 30th was the right day. :) How cool!! Prayer really works!! Anyways, I am so happy for him, and so grateful that Heavenly father was willing and able to answer his prayer right there in our lesson. 
Other good news, we met with Andrea this week! :) It's been a while since we've gotten to meet with her. She's been really busy with work and things. But we met with her on Friday, and she made us a delicious dinner. We had a really good program and invited her to start a study journal, where she can write down her thoughts and testimony. She loves journal keeping and seemed really excited about the idea. She also came to church yesterday as well!- and brought with her new the new study journal she had bought, and has already started to fill out! :) 
Sister Peterson have been writing our testimonies and marking all the Books of Mormon (Book of Mormons) we give out. :) This week we gave out 11! :) And got most of their numbers. We've even set up to meet with a couple of them this week! I'm really excited to see what comes of all of them. 
I sent a couple pictures...

The first is one that Sis.P snagged while we were tabling. 

This second is a member we went to visit this week Julianna and her husband (who's name I can't remember at the moment). They are really sweet. I mostly sent it because this is how most all Hungarians "smile" in their pictures and I thought it was really funny. 

The Third one is our homeless friend who is always down in the tunnel where we table. haha He really likes our singing. 

And the last one is how we lots of times teach the Restoration. :)- with cups! It's really fun! I'll have to show you how the whole lesson works when I get home. 

Well anyhow, I hope that you all have a wonderful week! Talk to you next Monday! 
Also, I got the information about the race! I am so stoked!! I haven't been swimming for over a year and a half... so this will be a big change. haha But It's going to be awesome! Dad and Holly- I'm so proud of you getting out there and getting started! 

Love you all lots,

Johnson T. Nővér 

...Two and a half weeks left in Budapest, Hungary


Dearest family, 

I am SO excited about this family triathlon idea! It's going to be so awesome! We are going to rock that race! haha I'm going to need some help getting ready when I get back. 30 min. of yoga and push-ups in the morning isn't exactly hardcore training for a triathlon, but this will give me something to work towards when I get back. 
This was a great week. Sister Peterson and I spent a lot of time finding, but it turned out to be great! We had an awesome experience on Saturday! Normally we will go tabling under the Margit Bridge. Since Sis.P also likes to sing, lots of times we will sing hymns in between talking to people and handing out fliers. Well, there is a ticket booth under the tunnel where we sing. We've seen the same lady there almost every time we go. We always wave to her, and you can tell that she is listening intently to our songs. We gave her a English class flier a few weeks ago, but this last Saturday after we finished singing she motioned me over to her booth. She said that we sing beautifully and asked what exactly we do there. I explained to her what we do as missionaries- that we talk to people about our church and what we believe...she asked-"and what exactly is it you believe?". I told her we believed in Jesus Christ as our Savior, and in the Book of Mormon. I asked her if she had ever heard of the book of Mormon. Well, long story short, I ended up talking to her for a bit. We gave her a Book of Mormon, and invited her to come to church. She seemed really interested. I'm really hoping we can call and meet with her soon. And it all started from feeling the spirit through music that she heard from a tiny speaker in her ticket booth. :) I really hope that more comes from her. 
As for other news this week. We have a lot of new people we are meeting with. I'm not sure what's going to happen with them yet, but at least sister Peterson will hopefully have a good teaching pool to choose from when I leave the city. 
English class is becoming awesome!! It was something that I didn't really like in the beginning, but now am really starting to get the hang of. Our English class students are so fun! A lot of them are regulars who come every week. We have about over 30 people in the class now every Thursday- which is awesome!! Anyways, the great thing about this Thursday was, that after class we had a ton of people come up and talk with us. :) We ended up setting up programs with 4 new people!! And on the role we send around every time, we always ask who would like to meet with us outside of English class for half English/half gospel lessons. This week all but three people, said that they would like to meet with us outside of the class! How cool is that! 27/30. I'll take it. :) 
Well, I'm still trying to let it sink in that I am leaving soon, but my mind can't really comprehend it. So I figure I just won't think much about it until I'm on the plane there. haha 
I love you all so much! THe church is true. I hope you have a wonderful week! 


Sister Tiffany Johnson 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Two More Months...Time is Going By Fast

January 28, 2013
Kedves családom,

You know the points in missionary work when things don't seem to be going quite the way you'd like them to- when results don't really come out the way you plan, or when you start wondering why people have their free agency? haha Ya... that's kind of how I'm feeling right now. We've had a lot of things fall through recently, and a lot of our really solid investigators have left to other places. But no worries... when things fall through that means something great is just around the corner- right? :) So, we have a lot of work to do, and only three more weeks to make it happen. I'm going to need your fasting and prayers. :) 

As for the investigators we are still meeting with, we were able to meet with Dorottya this week. She is so awesome. We taught her the gospel of Jesus Christ lesson. She had so many questions that we didn't have enough time to finish the last 2 steps. She really thinks about everything and wants to be sure that she understands. Her boyfriend from the states who is LDS is coming to visit her in a few weeks, so hopefully we'll be able to meet him. :) She's the one in the picture I sent.

Peterson Nővér, Dorottya and Johnson Nővér

Oh, I also sent a picture of our cabinet full of herbal and fruit tea- Along with our ginormous jar of honey. haha I think I am addicted. I have fruit tea just about every morning. It is delicious. I have Sister Rebecca Johnson to thank for that. ;) haha She's the one that got me hooked on it. But it's amazing. And I'm pretty sure it's been helping my immune system through the winters. 

Peterson and I started a new finding approach. We are now "tunnel singing" under the Margit Bridge. It's been working out pretty well too. Both times we've gone we've had people come right up to the table and ask us questions. We'll sing hymns in both English and Hungarian. It's cool to see that even to the people who we don't stop, at least we brought a smile to their face- even if it's just because they're making fun of us. haha It's amazing how much more willing I am on my mission to look like a crazy person in front of people. We get lots of crazy looks everyday, mostly because of our name tags I think, but I love my name tag!- in that it gives me a reason to put myself out there, talk to anyone, wear a ginormous sleeping-bag for a coat, and sing in tunnels. I am grateful for this time I have to represent Christ, and wear his name on my shirt everyday. I've noticed that it has made me more aware of how I treat others, and what sort of example I am setting. I wouldn't want to be unkind to someone, or be doing something inappropriate, when I know that others can read the name of Jesus Christ on my chest. But I hope that that is something I will take home with me as well. I know that one day I won't get to wear this name badge anymore, but I hope that I will still remember who it is I represent, and who's name I agreed to take upon me.
I really love this gospel. I know that the work right now doesn't seem to be having all the results I would hope for, but I know that we are laying the foundations of a great work, and that the Lord is aware of us. I may not have seen 100 baptisms during my time here, but I know my example is touching hearts, just as so many others have touched mine. I know that the Lord is proud of the effort I have put into my mission, and I know that I will not go home empty handed. My mission has changed me. And if anything, that was what I needed the most.
I love you all so much! I can't wait until I get to run up and hug all your little faces!! :) The gospel is amazing! Living by it's principles makes us happier and makes our lives more full that anything else ever could! 

Sok SOK szeretettel,

Johnson Tiffany Nővér 

January 21, 2013 

HELLOOO Family!! 

You won't believe me, but it didn't even occur to me today until I read your emails, that I only have exactly one month left. I think my heart stopped for a second when I came to that realization. haha

I received my new greeny this past Wednesday, Actually, they want to discourage us from using the term "greeny" haha so... I received my new missionary companion!- Sister Peterson! :)  She is SO FUN! I remember feeling nervous for some reason before the meeting to find out which new sister I was going to train. I guess it's always a little intimidating to train, no matter how many times you've done it. But I remember when they called her name all of my nerves were completely washed away. I really felt that our companionship was inspired. I'm so excited to help her get started! It's a really strange feeling to be in the exact same shoes as my trainer was when she trained me. It was my first transfer, and her last- Just like us! It's amazing how my missionary life has now come full circle. I feel almost like, I would imagine any other older human being feels in the real world... the days seem to be going faster, and somehow I have all these experiences and memories behind me, and I don't even know where the time has gone. Anyhow, the fact is- it's not over yet. I still have a month! :) I'm going to make the most of it I can, and make sure that I get Sister Peterson started on the right foot. 

Johnson Nővér and her new Companion Peterson Nővér

As for our investigators... Andrea's baptism didn't end up happening this past Friday, sadly. She didn't feel ready. She really wants to make sure that she is committed, and doesn't know if she is ready to give up everything for this new lifestyle that the gospel is going to bring. I can't imagine exactly what it must be like as a convert who grew up outside of the church, but I imagine it isn't easy to sacrifice everything and become a member of the church. We want to make sure she has a solid testimony first,  so we told her that she can wait until she feels more ready and that we will help her to feel more prepared. :) She did come to church this Sunday!- and we are going to continue meeting with her. :)  

I'm not sure if you remember me telling you about Géza. We met him from our English Class. He's been meeting with us for the past few months now. He has a ritualistic addiction to coffee... and told us that he normally drinks about 5-7 cups a day!- or close to 50 cups a week!! Pretty crazy. He says it's too hard for him to quit cold-turkey, but he has dropped it down to only one cup a day this week! How awesome is that!? You can see a difference in his face, he looks a little more tired- but I am so proud of him! That is really cool that he is so willing to try and change. Balázs is probably one of our most progressing investigators right now. The only sad thing is, he will be moving to England in about a week so we won't be able to meet with him anymore. Good news is, I found the address and the time the church starts there where he will be. :) So, I really hope he will look it up and start meeting with the missionaries when he gets there. 

Sister Peterson had her first tracting experience this week! One of the senior couples invited us to tract their building- we of course didn't want to turn down an offer like that! We went door to door and Sister Peterson got some practice introducing us and the Book of Mormon. Most of the building was old people who weren't too happy that we woke them up in the middle of the day, but at least she got some experience. My trainer always told me that if streeting and tracting didn't seem to be having much success, at the very least it was humbling us. :) So true. We tried some streeting and tabling too, and did get a couple numbers. My companion has a stellar voice! We are for sure going to be doing some music finding this transfer! I'm so stoked!! 

Well, I love you all tons! I will continue to keep you in my prayers, and give you the updates. :) I hope you have an incredible week! Talk to you soon! 

Sok Szeretettel,

Johnson Nővér 

January 14, 2013

Dear Family,

I'm sorry, my email today is going to be super short. I've been working on my BYU application all day, and actually I had it all finished when I exited out and went back in, and everything I had done was deleted. :P So, I had to write it all over again from scratch. So, I'm basically out of energy from typing today. 
But anyways, let me at least update you with what's happening with transfers. Sister Hardy and I were sure we'd be staying together... but sometimes transfer day can be full of surprises. Turns out Sister Hardy is leaving after only one transfer here, and is going to serve in Dunaújváros with Sister Oberhansly. I will be getting a greeny and training my last transfer. :) It should be really fun. I'm not sure who she is yet... but I'm excited for the opportunity to introduce a new greeny to the country again. 
I'm sad to see Sister Hardy go, but I know she will love Duna, and they are just going to love her there. :)  I really miss that place sometimes. But I've really gained a great love for Buda as well, and I'm happy I will get to "die" here in the city for my last transfer. Well wish me luck! Please continue to pray for me- that helps a lot. 
I'll give you more of an update next week, but for now I hope you all are doing well! Have a wonderful week. Mom, thanks for the pictures!!

Johnson Nővér 

January 7, 2013

Dear Family,

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! We had a great week this week. Andrea's baptism is coming up on the 18th! I'm so excited for her. The A.P's also have a baptism this weekend. She's asked Elder Walker and I to sing. As for our investigators- We have been meeting with an investigator named Balázs for the last couple weeks, who we found from English class. He seems like a sad person most of the time. Since the first time we met with him, he never seemed to excited about life or really very optimistic about things. But he has now come to church twice, and is really taking hold of everything we are teaching him. In the lesson we had with him on Friday, we invited a member to come with us. The member was perfect for him, and they seemed to click instantly. But I think the best part about the program was, that even from the moment he walked in the door, I could see a difference on his face. He seemed to be brighter! His countenance had literally changed, and you could see that he was happier than the first couple times we met with him. He told us that there are some things he's been holding onto in his life that he is finally starting to be able to let go of. He says that repentance and the things we are teaching him are really making a difference. I believe it! After he left the program, that was the first thing that Sister Hardy and I mentioned to each other. He is being changed by the gospel! And it's because he is reading the Book of Mormon and acting on our commitments. :) Our message is a message of joy, and it is evidence in the lives of those who live it! I am so grateful that I am able to be a witness of the power the atonement in the hearts of our investigators. It's the greatest reward we could receive. 

We also met with a girl name Dorottya yesterday. Sister Hudspeth and I met with her last transfer, but she has been gone visiting America for the last couple weeks. She is so awesome though. Her boyfriend's family lives in America, and they are all Mormon. Which lead her to have a lot of questions about the church. She goes to church with them every time she visits, and a few weeks ago she came to our ward- which is how we met her. But she is now reading her own Hungarian version of the Book of Mormon, and we were able to teach her the full restoration yesterday. She has a bazillion questions!-which is so awesome! And the best thing about it, is there are answers to all of them! :) We are meeting again this Saturday.

Well, I got my flight plans this morning. Kind of weird to think that my time is coming to an end here. It's sad, and a little nerve-racking to think of starting life in the real world soon. But I know there will be opportunities for missionary service even at home. I'm grateful for these extra 5 weeks I have been given to make a difference here. I'm going to try and make the very most of each day I have left. :) 

I love you all so much! Have a wonderful week!!

Lots of Love, 

Sister Johnson